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Faded Passport Intro - Carolina Cortes & Matt Urban
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As a trained psychologist, I dig deep for internal reasons to justify behaviors.  But my passion didn’t lay on an office with a couch, I needed the larger scale and be part of a bigger cause.  That’s why I decided to be an Organizational Psychologist to work with people and how their interactions with other people and the processes within an organization determine the outcome for both, employees and companies.

I believe the success of any organization today is based on the ability to create genuine relationships not only with their customers but also with their employees. But to build a relationship requires more than just good intentions and HR programs, it requires a long-term commitment and to truly know your people, understanding their stories, experiences, and real motivations. I now bridge the gap between HR/IC departments and Marketing for internal audiences trying to inspire employees, through engaging content, to develop their maximal potential and to help corporations attract and retain the best possible talent.

Carolina Cortes

Organizational Psychologist, MBA graduate, avid traveler, HR professional with experience in multinational companies in Latin America.

Content Marketer with a focus on digital. Creative wannabe who secretly loves numbers. Agency trained and start-up seasoned. 

Matt Urban

I believe that companies are a lot like people. They have highs and lows. They're vulnerable, yet resilient as hell. Each is unique, but few embrace it.

As a content marketer, I view my role as three-fold: first, to help companies become more self-aware. What are their strengths? Resources? Deficiencies?


Second, to determine how to communicate their story. What information is their audience seeking? Where are they looking for it? How do they consume it?


Finally, to blend art with science (i.e. creativity with analytics) to create a communication strategy that speaks to consumers while remaining authentic to the company's individuality.