At 13th Floor Studios, we have spent years creating multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-platform content that is adaptable and evolutionary in real-time environments.


Today’s biggest challenges are breaking through the clutter of the market and delivering meaningful brand stories in provocative ways. The fast rising influence of Latino culture is changing the very landscape of how we communicate and how we connect to consumers. 13th Floor Studios was established to deliver culturally relevant, quality content that is original, adaptable in real-time content and cost effective. From concept through execution, shaped to transform the unique contours of your brand into relevant, insightful and actionable ideas that bring measurable outcomes.


Whether we are concepting, developing a prime-time TV show, implementing an award winning public health campaign, or developing a multi-cultural, integrated marketing program, we excel at bringing cutting-edge, culturally provocative, creative thinking from the sketchbook of ideation to implementation and execution through any and all mediums. But these ideas do more than entertain. They inspire people to connect with brands and move them to action.


Our results speak for themselves… Driving sales, changing minds and behavior, seeking contributions and support or just gathering eyeballs, we have proved time and time again that great ideas, executed with elegance and precision, drive amazing outcomes. And that’s what it’s all about.